It’s Not Your Fault

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When my oldest daughter (Julia) was born, she was four months premature. She was so small (1lb., 6 oz.), she was considered a micro-preemie and given only a 13% chance to live. She was born the youngest of a set of triplets and within the first 10 days of life, she lost both of her siblings and was herself struggling mightily to stay alive. As a parent, you feel utterly powerless at this point and you also feel a heavy sense of guilt. Continue reading “It’s Not Your Fault”

You Are Not Alone

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter turned 18.  This is an exciting time in her life as she finishes high school and  prepares for college.  My wife and I are very proud of the woman that she has become; however, her outlook wasn’t always so rosy.  18 years ago, my daughter was in the hospital fighting for her life.  She was born very premature (1 lb. 6 oz.) and the doctors weren’t sure that she was going to make it.

The author and his daughter in the NICU

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Raising a Deaf Child with Additional Needs

This article was originally published in HuffPost on July 12, 2017.

Raising a child who is deaf and has additional needs can at times be very frustrating.  Our oldest daughter is deaf and has cerebral palsy.  After we received her diagnosis, I felt very isolated because I didn’t know any other children who had this particular set of challenges.  When Julia was young, people were kind to us but you could always see the sympathy in their eyes.  Many times, my wife and I felt like we were the only ones (or at least one of the few) who struggle to raise a child with this unique set of circumstances. Continue reading “Raising a Deaf Child with Additional Needs”