Workforce Engagement: Working With Special Needs Parents

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I stared at the director in disbelief.  I was in a meeting with my 3rd line supervisor and he had just told me that I would be required to physically be in the office every work day.  What’s wrong with that, you ask?  Well, he might as well have told me that I was fired because I knew that my time at the agency would soon come to an end.  Let me explain.   Continue reading “Workforce Engagement: Working With Special Needs Parents”

You Are Not Alone

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter turned 18.  This is an exciting time in her life as she finishes high school and  prepares for college.  My wife and I are very proud of the woman that she has become; however, her outlook wasn’t always so rosy.  18 years ago, my daughter was in the hospital fighting for her life.  She was born very premature (1 lb. 6 oz.) and the doctors weren’t sure that she was going to make it.

The author and his daughter in the NICU

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A Lesson in Parent Leadership: Answering the Call

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I recently read an article titled “I Didn’t Want To Be A Mom, But I Had Kids Anyway” about a mom who initially was hesitant about becoming a parent but after having difficulty conceiving, going through postpartum depression, and the normal trials of motherhood, now has a level of love for her children that she didn’t think was possible.  How did she get to that point?  Simply, she answered the call. Continue reading “A Lesson in Parent Leadership: Answering the Call”